What is the Young Workers Leadership Academy?

What if your employer doesn’t pay you your wages? What if you get hurt on the job? Is your work area safe? Have you received proper training?

Answers to all of these questions were given to Alexandra Rosales, Desiree Mendoza, Alexandra Caldera, and Desari Rivas, as they attended the YOUNG WORKERS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY at UC –Berkeley Feb. 7th - 9th, 2019.  The team created a motto based on their training, "Work Smart, Work Safe!"

This John R. Wooden team was one of six organizations statewide to be selected for this annual workshop help in conjunction with the Labor Occupational Health Program through prestigious UC-Berkeley in the Bay area.  Alexandra Rosales commented, “We really didn’t think we liked meeting new people, but we had so much fun, and grew as a group when we got to interact with teens from across the state of California. “

The JRWHS team flew to Northern California to participate in a three-day action-packed workshop, meeting teens from across the state to learn about teen health and safety rights, how to have a voice in the workplace, and to develop leadership skills by presenting information, producing skits, and even interviewing local stores to find out more about worker safety and training.  Desiree Mendoza reflected on the event, “YWLA helped us improve and value ourselves as young teen workers.” 

This is the 6th year that JRWHS has qualified for this unique opportunity under the guidance of Ms. Young. According to Alex, “YWLA far exceeded my expectations for fun, valuable professional experience, and a chance to hone my leadership abilities.”