Off the Wall Graffiti’s mission statement:  To generate an educated, global, unified body of artists who are fully self-expressed & on point to change the world through their creativity

OTW is an arts program that has had a presence in one form or another on the JRWHS campus for over 10 years. For the last two years, Maura McCarthy, the founder of the nonprofit has worked with a group of students once a week for two class periods. The students are building on prior art knowledge to increase their knowledge of art history, graphic arts, design, and color theory. A variety of mediums are explored including, bucket paint, aerosol (spray paint), and acrylic. Utilizing fine arts concepts students have produced a number of living murals, that are displayed throughout our campus.  This program allows the students to have a creative outlet for self-expression in a medium that is most often perceived negatively.