Next Generation Science Standards

I'm a forward-thinking, lifelong learner that doesn't suffer from cognitive dissonance. I am open-minded, so when I learn new things, I research them until I find what I believe to be a new way. Therefore, I am constantly changing, into new forms as I am exposed to blossoming scientific discoveries. I find life to be an exciting journey that I share with all other organisms on the planet. I am passionate about animals and animals rights. I am also passionate about our world, and about sharing resources globally so that more people worldwide can have access to healthy food, clean water and secure housing.

Ever since I met the teachers from John R. Wooden High School and saw the beautiful campus and farm, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this environment. It was tough at first to leave Stoney Point High School because I was taken from a work of comfort and thrown into unknown. I have been glad with my decision. I love working on the farm with our students. We have great relationships with the animals, and our organic garden is full of nutritious vegetables that we get to grow and eat. I also love running with students with SRLA. I find that I really get to know the students on another level by running and working with them. John R. Wooden is not just my place of employment, I feel like the teachers, staff and principal are my brothers and sisters, and the students are like our nieces, nephews and children. It is a family community, and we take care of each other. All of the teachers here are 100% there for our students and our school. It's great to work in this environment.

Ms. Stephanie Darling