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18741 Elkwood St., Reseda, CA 91335

(818) 345 - 0203

AN LAUSD Model Continuation High School

College & Career

Our Mission...

At John R. Wooden High School, our mission is to provide students an alternative learning environment which enables them to develop the skills necessary to become responsible members of society.

Our Vision...

At John R. Wooden High School, our vision, in partnership with the community, is to provide a dynamic learning approach that promotes self-esteem, mutual respect, and global awareness in preparing each individual to be a lifelong learner.


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Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
John R. Wooden High School students will...

Academic Achievement

*  Demonstrate proficiency in reading comprehension, writing and communication skills across the curriculum.
*  Relate prior learning to new concepts and standards as well as observe, analyze, and formulate conclusions from a wide

    variety of sources.
*  Compute, analyze, and apply mathematical concepts.


*  Know the rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship locally and globally.
*  Demonstrate and support the school’s values of achievement, participation, and leadership.
*  Exhibit responsible behavior in the coordination and implementation of school and community outreach projects.

21st Century Skills

*  Explore and integrate tools and strategies to engage in a connected, technology-rich society.
*  Achieve career readiness through application of critical thinking skills, collaborative efforts, and creative approaches to 

   problem solving.  
*  Apply STEAM concepts to explore and produce solutions to real world problems. here.