Ms. Laura Novak

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

John R. Wooden High School students will...

 Academic Achievement

  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading comprehension, writing and communication skills across the curriculum.
  • Relate prior learning to new concepts and standards as well as observe, analyze, and formulate conclusions from a wide variety of sources.
  • Compute, analyze, and apply mathematical concepts.


  • Know the rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship locally and globally.
  • Demonstrate and support the school’s values of achievement, participation, and leadership.
  • Exhibit responsible behavior in the coordination and implementation of school and community outreach projects.

21st Century Skill

  • Explore and integrate tools and strategies to engage in a connected, technology-rich society.
  • Achieve career readiness through application of critical thinking skills, collaborative efforts, and creative approaches to problem solving.
  • Apply STEAM concepts to explore and produce solutions to real world problems.